Kansas City Brick & Masonry Repair offers brick repair service kansas city, brick restoration kansas city to brickwork that has blistered, spalled or that may have broken down due to water flow, bad pointing or to individual bricks that may have been underneath layers of paint. Our repair procedure is to scrape and remove all of the rot from the brick face, rebuild each individual brick before re- colouring the bricks to match with the existing brickwork. Kansas City Brick & Masonry Repair also able to re-produce ornate brick and mouldings by hand. Should the project require replacement bricks we will source reclaimed bricks patio repair Kansas City. We will then clean the bricks before re-inserting to the building. Projects that require larger amounts of detailed bricks and ornate mouldings can be reproduced by our team should we be unable to source by reclaiming.


Our team are highly skilled masonry contractors Kansas City in the area of permanently colouring brickwork to its natural state or changing the colour to match with the rest of the building. The above process is generally more common with red bricks, and stock bricks are more often cut out and replaced.

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