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The Masons Co and Dionysian Artificers has nearly 30 years of experience repairing, replacing & installing drinking water fountains / ourdoor fountains  in the Midwest region. 


The Masons Co and Dionysian Artificers Historic fountain restoration and renovation Kansas City's water feature contractors as rated by the Kansas City, KS community. Arkansas, Historic fountain restoration and renovation Denver Co, Historic fountain restoration and renovation Nebraska , Historic fountain restoration and renovation Memphis TN, Historic fountain restoration and renovation Nashville TNHistoric fountain restoration and renovation Springfield IL , is a professional endeavor that seeks to preserve, conserve, revive, and protect fountains and water features, and associated ornamental objects, landscapes or other artifacts of historic significance. Thru history we have seen the design and construction of fountains and water features move in two diametrically opposed directions. From the aesthetic side fountain have become much more simple and have far less architectural and artistic features, alternately we have seen fountains develop as objects of spectacle thru the use of technology and the application of advanced systems, engineering, and components.  Architectural fountain conservation describes the process through which the material, historical, and design integrity of a fountain is prolonged through carefully planned interventions. The individual engaged in this pursuit is known as an architectural fountain conservator. The decisions of when and how to engage in an restoration intervention are critical to the ultimate conservation of the object. Ultimately, the decision is value based: a combination of artistic, contextual, and informational values is normally considered. In some cases, a decision to not intervene may be the most appropriate choice.  The Masons Co and Dionysian Artificers deals with issues of prolonging the life and integrity of architectural fountains character and integrity, such as form and style, and/or its constituent materials, such as stone, brick, glass, metal, concrete, and systems . In this sense, the term refers to the professional use of a combination of science, art, craft, and technology as a preservation tool, and is allied with its parent fields, of historic environment conservation and art conservation.


Maintenance & Repairs: We are also the region’s only factory-authorized warranty service center, offering comprehensive maintenance and repair services.


Parts: And by stocking replacement parts, we prevent needless delays and inconvenience for our customers.

His regular client list includes: Municipailities, governement agencies, property managers, mechanical contractors, plumbers, electricians, religious organizations, schools, athletic clubs and businesses large & small.

 Company prides itself on providing dependable products and outstanding customer service.


Call today to see how we can help you! Call 913-203-0685



Call 913-203-0685

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