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The Preservation Businesses, Products & Services directory provides a wide variety of resources for those working on a historic home project, planning a building restoration project, or those interested in hiring a historic consultant to complete a historic nomination or provide design services. 

Greater Downtown KANSAS CITY


Midtown-Westport KU MED Center City



Plaza area

South Kansas City

Kansas City, Kansas

Kansas City, Kansas is organized into a system of neighborhoods and communities. Some of these have a history as independent cities and others were the sites of major events.

List of neighborhoods


Historic preservation consultants

Preservation consultants are generally hired to help with documentation projects such as historic resource surveys, drafting of design guidelines, and masonry nomination of properties and districts to the National Register of Historic Places.


Some Kansas City preservation consultants are also hired to advise property owners on appropriate rehabilitation treatments or to complete applications for funding programs such as tax incentives and grants.


This list, compiled by the Historical Study Society, is provided as a service to individuals, organizations, and communities needing the assistance of a preservation consultant.  The Kansas City Historic Preservation office does not attest to personal and corporate qualifications of these or any other consultants/contractors, whose level of experience and costs may vary. 


Contracting individuals, Kansas City organizations, or communities are encouraged to ask any consultant/contractor for references and recent work samples. 


For a list of contractors and craftspeople who have specific skills related to the preservation and rehabilitation of historic properties, please click here.

Historic preservation projects are not limited to the sources on this list, nor are there any preferences for any one consultant/contractor


The preservation services listed here aretrusted suppliers and professionals in the fields of historic and cultural resource preservation and building restoration and contacting these great services should be your first step with any historic or builiding restoration project.   

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