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Up and Stepping In

A historical masonry cornerstone was quickly on its way to being destroyed when a fire broke out at the former Scottish Rite Temple last week. A driver, passing by early Sunday morning, noticed smoke pouring out of the building.

The Masons Co quickly stepped up and stepped in to save the ageless relic. The company was contacted because of it’s extensive masonry experience. Knowing how to remove the piece of limestone, while preserving it’s sanctity, was crucial to successfully returning the piece to its original owner. Volunteering both manpower and a piece of machinery, Kansas City Masons Co removed the still standing cornerstone from the burned-out site and transported it to the present Scottish Rite Temple.

The Scottish Rite built the temple in 1903 and it was utilized until 1929 when a new temple was built. The building was later sold to the Evangelical Center Church who has owned it for more than 60 years.

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