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Operative Masonry, is it Still Alive?

Guilds are and have always been associations of artisans or merchants who control the practice of their craft in a particular town. The earliest types of guilds were formed as fraternities of tradesmen. When organized, these groups transformed into part professional association, part trade union, part cartel, and part secret society.

The Operative Masons | Masonic History by Anthony A. Reyes

Most Speculative Free Masons are aware of the fact that a Guild of Operative Free Masons still exists and that The Masons Company of London still endures. Its a fact that Societies of Operative Masons were in England, France, and Italy during the Middle Ages and built churches, bridges, and cathedrals which still adorn those countries.

If any one man can be said to have founded today’s Operatives, that man was Clement Edwin Stretton, who was born in 1850 and lived in Leiceste. Stretton’s activities were not confined to Guild Masonry alone. In 1871, he joined speculative freemasonry, being initiated, as was his father, into St. John Lodge No. 279 in Leicester.

The Masons Co. of Kansas City OperativeCRAFT Masons’s Masons/ is the only incorporated trade guild in the USA .

The Masons Co. is comprised of talented and experienced professionals, which we believe is vital to our reputation and the company’s well-being. Many members are connected in someway to the building industry, or they work in or near the city. Indeed your professional talent may well be of particular interest to the company, and many members enjoy assisting the company on various financial, training, communications, or social committees or on our charities.

The Masons Co of Kansas City

5251 West 116th Place Suite 200

Leawood Kansas 66211-7820

Phone: 816-500-4198

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